Emily Richman

Connection. Collaboration. Compassion.

When I was in college studying theatre, I never felt like any one method really rang true with me as a “go to.” I would probably describe my approach at that time as somewhat of a mash up of Hagen, Adler, and Stanslavski. When I began grad school to become a mental health counselor I started to feel my performance as a theatre artist elevate. I must have known something before even applying because my entrance essay was about how counseling is like character building (you have to understand a character/client before you can portray them/walk with them). For me, understanding the root of human behavior and the impacts of childhood experiences, trauma, and natural developmental stages, gives a level of insight into character creation I didn’t have access to before. What I have learned, and continue to learn, as a mental health professional has transformed me as a theatre artist and I would love to share it with you. Are you looking for audition prep? Want to workshop something? Maybe you just desire insight into past roles to learn and grow? Character coaching with a focus on human behavior and psychological understanding is available through an online format. Contact me below to schedule a session.