Emily Richman

Connection. Collaboration. Compassion.


Yes, you can joke about almost anything…

Emily grew up in the nuclear hills of Eastern Washington State and somewhere around her mid 20's realized a dream she never knew she had when she went up for her first time at a comedy open mic. Her comedy tackles her experience as a woman living in a fat body, online dating, and some of life's more difficult experiences, like medical emergencies, or losing a loved one. She finds humor and hope in things that many would be scared to share with a friend, let alone into a microphone. She wants to share her experiences and let you know that you're not alone. Yes, we're all really this weird. Isn't it glorious?

Image Credit: Madison Rosenbaum

Emily Richman makes me actually LOL. Not just the initials, but actually Laugh Out Loud....and that doesn’t happen often for a comic! She’s sweet and lovable and sarcastic and it makes for a great comedic package!!!
— Brad Upton